Water Tower House

Steel, concrete and glass form the basic material palette used by Zecc in this incredible contemporary home conversion – and these choices do help to transition from the aged rustic style of the preserved facade to the modern interior spaces.

Kelly Hoppen’s Home

Since the 1980s, Kelly Hoppen has become a household name in the style capitals of the world. Often infusing her Western interiors with objects chosen with an Eastern philosophy, she is a master of visual yin-yang. This is what she had done using natural colors and muted tones to transform of her loft-style flat in southwest London.

Inverse triplex

The classic New York minimalist loft was considered too constraining and inflexible. The space is divided into a series of “stripes” to accommodate different functions into a promenade of experiences.

Loft Parisien

When buying this former printing press installed in a passage of the 20th district in Paris, Roxane Beis thought to Greece. Not that the place with its tall windows have been predisposed to it, but the origins of the young designer did fit well here finally.

Set Sail in London

With a roof that offers a beautiful aerial view of London’s financial district across the Thames, this loft dweller must dream they’re out on the open seas.

Hamburg Ultra-modern

Nothing says ‘this room is special’ like setting it apart both in terms of material choice and physical space. For residents of this ultra-modern loft, it is clear that the kitchen is the top priority.

Firetruck Hangar Loft

Anouchka and Laurent Collin have turned this unusual building, once a hangar for firetrucks in Saint-Ouen, in a 300 m2 modern loft.

Berlin Loft

Architect Thomas Wienands made great use of the existing structure and material character of this wide-open loft space, leaving as much of the wall and vaulted-ceiling brickwork exposed as possible – as well as massive steel columns, reinforced with I-beams and held in place by giant-sized rivets.

Nick’s Church

Radio DJ and comedy talk-show host Nick Abbot has converted the top two floors of a former Victorian church in Hampstead into a wow-factor flat.

Barcelona Industrial

What was originally a stable, bomb shelter, then printing shop is now a modern loft where industrial style and simple materials live together with a very modern concept of space and ecology.