Auto Body Shop to Loft

Sometimes it is hard to build your own house especially when you are not an expert and you are not the owner of a real fortune so that you can afford such a thing. The financial part is very important and the fact that you have not too much knowledge about building a house can also influence your project. Thus, here it is an example which may help make an idea of what you can do in case you are the owner of an old place which may become your home and working area at the same time.

The interior designer, Shirry Dolgin and the builder Boaz Siton managed to transform an old auto body shop into a live/work space. The idea was to create a space where they could feel relaxed when they were working and have a place of their own where they could rest after a long working day. Their jobs allowed them to do all the necessary changes, bring the pieces they needed and use their own style. The new space appeared to be dominated by a contemporary industrial style which offered them the perfect ambiance for a place which they could also use as a working area.

Thus they tried to combine the idea of home and work and all their pieces could have multiple uses. For example the dinner table could be used as a conference table and many other items had the same double use in their house. As their work was really important little space was left for the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. They even built a wood slat divider to separate the areas of this huge space where many large scale pieces were introduced to fill it.

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