Biscuit Factory Loft

This loft is a great find: an area of 300 m², a huge skylight, the Eiffel girders, beams and wooden poles, exposed brick, and the icing on the loft, a freight elevator. Located in the heart of the historic center of Bagneux, France, this former biscuit factory may well have it all.

The ground floor comprises of a living room bathed in light under a glass roof and a high-end kitchen with center island, both enjoying the high ceilings.

The first floor is occupied by two spacious rooms with open views and a bathroom with bath and walk-in shower. The last level houses a large master suite.

The enhancement of old elements such as wood frame, metal elements and the hoist, give this place a unique and resolutely industrial atmosphere. biscuit factory loft-bagneux-00300 loft-bagneux-00400 loft-bagneux-00500 loft-bagneux-00600 loft-bagneux-00700 loft-bagneux-00800 loft-bagneux-00900 loft-bagneux-01000 loft-bagneux-01100 loft-bagneux-01200

You can buy this loft here for € 1,080,000.

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