Brutalist Concrete House in Mexico

A concrete house may seem an odd choice for a family of four. But for Pedro Reyes, Carla Fernández and their two young children, there are few spaces sweeter than their sprawling Brutalist abode. At first glance, it’s a sea of gray. But a closer look and a half-hour’s conversation reveals its playful peculiarities – and its purpose.

concrete housebrutalist-concrete-house-11

More than just a living space, the house serves as creative headquarters for both Pedro, a renowned sculptor, and Carla, a fashion designer whose cutting-edge garments have found an eager audience worldwide. For the couple, who share a fierce passion for the preservation of Mexican culture, it’s also the physical embodiment of a long-standing mission to draw attention to the country’s vibrant artistic history and traditions. Strategically placed hits of lemon yellow and magenta are a tribute to Mexican architect Luis Barragán and a number of the walls are built of cement bricks handmade in-house by community craftsmen. “Our home is a laboratory,” says Pedro.


This concrete house is also something of an exhibition space, housing a diverse collection of Pedro’s furniture and sculptural work, Carla’s textiles and a vast array of books. On top of it all, however, the home is a gathering place, host to a revolving door of visiting friends, family and local artists, many of whom take up temporary residence while working with the couple on their many collaborative endeavors. “It’s a social space,” says Pedro.

We are always welcoming guests or hosting the artisans on our teams. It’s a little like living in a factory – but also a playground, too.

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