The Clapton Warehouse

Let’s explore the rehabilitation of an old warehouse by the architects of the agency Sadie Snelson. In this loft, the concrete walls and ceilings are coated with pink tones that bring warmth to this industrial setting. A bold choice that works perfectly. Prior to the conversion, the Clapton Warehouse in East London was a dysfunctional space that was divided into several rooms each with minimal sunlight.

The team at Sadie Snelson Architects envisioned an open-plan living room to accentuate the full potential of the warehouse’s space. Dividing walls were removed and parts of the floor were taken away to create double-height areas that maximise light. A new mezzanine floor was added with a steel balustrade and folded steel staircase.

Materials used throughout the property are intended to complement its industrial nature. Walls are left unpainted to expose the plaster finish, and structural I-beams are left exposed. The architects designed the concrete kitchen that the client cast himself. Clapton Warehouse loft-entreport-londres-00300-1 loft-entreport-londres-00300 loft-entreport-londres-00400 loft-entreport-londres-00500 loft-entreport-londres-00600 loft-entreport-londres-00700-1080x810 loft-entreport-londres-00800 loft-entreport-londres-00900 loft-entreport-londres-01000 loft-entreport-londres-01200 loft-entreport-londres-01300-800x629 loft-entreport-londres-01400-800x629

Architect:  Sadie Architects
Photos:  Rory Gardiner

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