Help Japan

More than anything else, Japan represents peace to me. Peace in the way its people behave and present themselves, in their social rituals: always welcoming, never angry. Peace in the way the surroundings look: the understated architecture, minimalist art, subtlety of decor. Peace in the way the country is represented in culture and cuisine: measured, elegant, beautiful to look at, wonderful to taste.

A nation that represents peace. A nation dealing with unimaginable tragedy with dignity and grace. A nation that understands, deep within its culture, the might and power of nature, the vulnerability and mortality of man.

A country, and a culture, that has faced enormous tragedy more than once, that has managed to survive and thrive despite tragedy.

If you don’t know how to help, Google’s homepage has a link to a comprehensive set of resources to help people in Japan. Facebook, along with Causes, has an extensive project to raise funds for Japan; Apple has made it possible for its 200m account holders to donate via iTunes.

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