True industrial loft in Budapest

And you thought factories are only converted to homes in the US! Today’s loft is placed in the former Eastern bloc of Europe, in Hungary. On the capital’s outskirts, in a former industrial area (today mostly unused, with a few warehouses) an architect have found an old arms factory that he converted to a grand home.

The grand living room

The loft has a total area of 600 sq meters, across the four levels of the building, originating from the early 1900’s. The first floor has a 114 sq meters studio, a guestrom and the guest bathroom. The second floor (third for you in the US!) has the owner’s living area, while the third floor has the grand living room of 114 sq meters. The fourth level (up in the tower) contains a spa with its own pool, a library and an open-air observation deck.

'70s Socialist-era furniture mixed with industrial elements and crystal chandeliers

The loft’s styling is true to the genre’s origins: mostly eclectic, mixed with industrial elements that come from the architecture, souped up with modern and even oriental touches.

The studio is often rented out for exhibitions

The kitchen - industrial chic

Pool on the top of the world

... but at least the tower.

The spa next to the pool

Master bedroom - probably the most eclectic part of the loft

View from the top

Guest bathroom

Guest bathroom too

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