NY West Village Residence

Billinkoff Architecture had designed this bold, 5-story residence for a NY family. What makes this house especially interesting that it’s the second one the architects designed for the family – they knew their exact preferences and lifestyle, had the opportunity to learn from the first project.

The original five-story structure had been divided over time into small apartments. To achieve the high standard of finish, the entire interior structure and the rear wall of the building (remember, five stories..) was removed and rebuilt. The brownstone street elevation and some walls were saved. On the rear, a new aluminuum and glass facate adds to the contemporary character of the house and forms a perfect backdrop for the elegant garden.

The entire gleaming white interior is illuminated from the inside by a five-story atrium flaunting a contemporary purple-clad staircase, which casts sculptural shadows throughout the home in the evening. Billinkoff Architecture worked extensively with the owners to ensure the white design of this modern interior retains the character of a living, breathing family space with the integration of bold classic furniture. Playful prints on the sofas and rugs bring out the warmth of the dark wenge floors. Colorful, textural art and sculpture can be found around every corner, including pieces by Bettina Werner and Candida Hoffer.

This charming West Village brownstone is fresh and funky, far from ordinary, and truly worth a double-take!

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