Pink loft in Barcelona

Sometimes the most unusual combinations make the most beautiful compositions. This Barcelona stunner is a perfect example of how to take two seemingly conflicting styles and make them work together. The feminitity of vintage pink with the harshness of an exposed loft structure isn’t something that seems inherently compatible — until you see it.

The space was originally an old family house, which was converted into a loft space with the help of an architect. The family that currently lives there wanted an open area without partitions to bring a sense of community to the home. They also wanted to highlight some traditional features — like the wooden ceiling beams and the brick walls. This combination works well because during the modern renovation the architect left behind relics of the home’s past and more provincial life. These subtle remnants give this loft a warm atmosphere despite the cold industrial materials.

The interior design slides right into the dynamics of the physical space. There are modern touches, like IKEA tables next to a boxy eggplant couch, mixed with vintage goods like a bubble gum pink 1950s fridge (adorable) and the shabby chic furniture in the bedrooms. This home is an ode, not an homage, to nostalgia.

via Micasa

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