Copan Loft

What was once a closed apartment full of tiny rooms is now opened up making it a light, bright, airy loft.

Las Vegas Penthouse

This eclectic penthouse does fit perfectly in the glorious side of Las Vegas.

Multi Level Loft

This home, designed by Rodriguez Studio, shows how you can divide a large space without cluttering it with walls.

If you can, adding multi levels to an open floor plan can add a superb amount of interest. Not to mention, it’s a great way to designate living areas without using walls, panels, curtains or rugs. Everything can stay open and flowing w…

Cinema Loft

An old movie theatre has been transformed into an incredible loft space, situated in the old city of Ghent, Belgium. The owners created their very own ‘Dollywood’. The interiors feature concrete flooring, dramatic high ceilings and clerestory windows with ample daylight.

Pink loft in Barcelona

Sometimes the most unusual combinations make the most beautiful compositions. This Barcelona stunner is a perfect example of how to take two seemingly conflicting styles and make them work together. The feminitity of vintage pink with the harshness of an exposed loft structure isn’t something that seems inherently compatible — until you see it.