John Knox Church

Established by John Knox, The Kirk was built in 1867 in the Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick. The building features brick polychrome which was at the height of its popularity during its construction. Alternating cream and umber brick mark the gear-tooth points and wrap the building in tiny quoins. The church became an icon for the community with its style being mimicked in a nearby substation as well as homes.

Tower with a pool

Lofts usually have more of everything than a regular home has, however not a lot of lofts come with a pool. This one is an exception then – Stacks Tower lofts are located in an old textile mill in Atlanta, Georgia and yes, it has its own pool.

Luxurious Seattle Houseboat for Sale

There is a thriving houseboat community on Seattle’s Lake Union. It is almost a shanty town: a squeezed-in suburb of houseboats living cheek by jowl, all enjoying great water views. But the variety of houseboats is so great that there are tru…