Chalet On Rails

Architect Antonie Bertherat-Kioes and her family were looking for a house – and found an old transformer station with lots of industrial charm. They have converted it to a fabulous holiday home.

Hamburg Ultra-modern

Nothing says ‘this room is special’ like setting it apart both in terms of material choice and physical space. For residents of this ultra-modern loft, it is clear that the kitchen is the top priority.

Lofty prospects

Adaptive reuse often has to make the best of a bad situation, taking ill-shaped structures into workable residences … but in this case, the form of this 100-foot-tall Belgian water tower turned out to be the perfect basis for a brilliant seven-story house.

Subway in the sky

Inspired by his love of New York City, architect Adam Kushner transformed this West Village apartment using glass, wood, brick and New York subway parts and doors to create a most unique, modern yet rustic private retreat.

Lake Austin Residence

Austin,Texas is a beautiful place with many lakes which gives a perfect look to the city and the houses on the sides. The Lake|Flato is the company behind the Austin Residence, which was designed on the sides of the lakes and canals just to give a …

House loft in Saint-Cloud by the architect Olivier Rouvillois

House loft in Saint-Cloud by the architect Olivier RouvilloisThis loft house built of wood, glass and metal in Saint-Cloud is signed by the architect Olivier Rouvillois. It is made of large open spaces and bright. A real gem at the gates of Paris.T…

Beautiful Houses: Brentwood Residence in Los Angeles

The Brentwood Residence is a project by Belzberg Architects. Couldn’t find many information at their website but as for the projects I’ve seen there, these guys are pretty good. Located in Los Angeles, California, this house is modern and really be…

Airy Residence in Cyprus Combining Wood and Glass on a White Background

We came across a beautiful residence that presents an unequalled mixture of simplicity and modern style. Created by Greek architecture firm Varda Studio, the home named Adamos Residence is a luxurious collection of elegant spaces located in Limasso…