Seattle Penthouse Loft

Situated in the heart of Downtown Seattle, USA, the 150-residential loft ‘Mosler Lofts’ tower was built in 2008 and offers environmental quality as an urban lifestyle choice for downtown Seattle’s growing live/work community.

Vertical Expansion

Forget about rules. In her apartment and art studio, Karin Sander, a Berlin-based conceptual artist, decided to blend them instead. “Even a bedroom can double as a studio,”

Northwest Peach Farm

The Northwest Peach Farm was designed for holiday and relaxation by Bates Masi Architects.Far away from city crowds and traffic, the house was designed to make every day unique by providing a range of destinations within the site with diverse scales, functions, and views.

Stable conversion

It’s time to loosen up the definition of “loft” – a home does not necessarily need to be located in a city to have the elements of loft living, especially with conversions.

Loft in the YMCA

Lofts are usually colored with neutral tones, keeping stonework or concrete bare, or are whitewashed all around (like they need to look larger than they already are…) This one, however is different.

A loft in an old church in Sydney

A loft in an old church in SydneyIt’s divine!This church located in the suburbs of Sydney was built in 1898. In 2003 it is a radical change that took place for the building since it was sold and converted into a loft consists of four bedrooms and…

Concrete Dream

Ricardo Bofill is a Spanish Architect who was born in Barcelona and studied at the School of Architecture in Geneva, Switzerland. Son of an architect, Ricardo worked with his father until 1963, when he founded ‘Taller de Arquitectura’, a multi-disciplinary studio, which included other environmental and design professionals as well as architects, engineers, sociologists and philosophers. Continue Reading →

Sleek Design from Fu Tung Chen

We stumbled accross Fu Tung Chen’s work a few years back and we’re still in love. Known for exquisite concrete design, his work has such an elegance and refined quality to it.Here are some samples of his portfolio…Photos: Fu Tung Cheng

Livable Luxury Loft: Cheap & Creative Live/Work/Art Refab

Sometimes, less really is more – and architectural necessities designed to be hidden can become clever accents and integrated decor. At just a few thousand dollars, this live-and-work residence for an architect-and-artist makes the most out of a small interior space and necessary accessories, with gorgeous results.

Wild Art Collector Condo

Live, work, and art – all in one place. Built for an art collector in New York City, this top-floor condo is filled with sweeping curves and subtle illumination – but these artistic moves are tempered with strategically flat wall surfaces for hanging artworks as well.