The Round Tower

This is the Round Tower. It’s a Grade II listed structure located in Glouchestershire, England. The restoration was a project by De Matos Ryan architects who worked with structural engineer Price & Myers and concrete contractor Stallard Construction. Even though it’s a very interesting and impressive structure, the tower has been basically reduced to ruins over the years during which it has been neglected and also after a fire.

The tower has now been restored and turned into a residence. It sits in a very beautiful area, overlooking Siddington Village. The tower blends beautifully into the surroundings, especially since it also got an underground extension. The extension is currently used as a main living area and is connected to the central open sunken courtyard and a lateral ‘landscape scoop’ concealing the new swimming pool and associated sun terraces.

The tower is definitely a very impressive and dominant structure. It has been turned into an unconventional but beautiful family house that features four lovely bedrooms. It also got a new roof terrace that provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. A detached building has also been included on the site and it serves as a guest studio.

It’s situated adjacent to the entrance to the site and it also includes the garage. Even though it’s unusual, the Round Tower is a lovely family home. It’s basically not that different from regular homes except that the circulation is vertical and not horizontal and it might take a little more effort to get to the bedroom than usually.

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