Treetop Loft in Atlanta

A step away from downtown Atlanta- Come relax under a canopy of giant trees and the sounds of the forest in this new modern treetop loft..

Architect designed and built- this steel structure is tucked into a group of mature hardwood trees. High ceilings and big, clean spaces with tons of natural light.

Modern, radical, custom built lofts- way up in the trees-tall ceilings and big open floor plans make it a huge hotel room or as event space for small gatherings, meetings, retreats.

Clean, bright and beautiful, this building is made of steel, wood, glass and plaster- with no unhealthy adhesives or off gassing materials- for healthier air quality and to prevent mold growth.

Large windows, and giant doors open out onto a 200sq-foot deck surrounded by treetops. The huge balcony off the kitchen has two grilles- gas and charcoal- built into the guardrail.

The stainless kitchen is minimal- a gas cook top, a small oven, a small sink and a mini-fridge and toaster.

Do you like it? You can rent it at Airbnb, where I’ve found it.


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