A Tribute to Industrialism

Here’s yet another brilliant example of turning commercial building into a striking living space. This one happened to be a smelly and oil-filled garage in Sant Gervasi, one of Barcelona’s elegant suburbs.

It took the ingenuity of interior designer Estrella Salietti to transform such a rough structure into her colorful and perky home. In keeping with the history of the space, Estrella used graphic elements, like the green arrow in the entrance, as a reference to traffic. The balance between the industrial elements kept from the original space and the softer additions to the decor is just right — maintaining some of the raw feel of the garage intact. It’s quite obvious she’s not afraid of using color, especially with the shinny black floors she decided to use throughout her home. By the way, can you guess what her favorite color is? It rhymes with dream… Exactly what this place is.

Images Adriana Bufi/Kaspel images via Mixr

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