White Warehouse Loft

When you’re a designer, decorating your home should be easier, right? Johanne Riss apparently had made herself a great home. Maybe you can catch some of her tricks to your own home. As Joanna took over the old warehouse in Brussels in 1989, she laid out to give the whole building a uniform white paint. Walls, ceilings and floors in the 1,500 square feet spread over four floors are now painted white with lots of windows.

There are high ceilings in every sense, and creativity knows no bounds: Furniture in Johanne’s home is both relaxed and very, very grand at the same time. She had managed to create homely atmosphere – among other things – by placing many pictures directly on the floor. Stacks of pillows or cushions to sit on is a simple solution that looks great. Here Johanna nonchalantly tossed a blanket on top of the pile with leather cushions of her own design.


Furniture on wheels, screens in metal used as room dividers and 10 of the same kind of tables put together to form one long dinner table depending on your needs each day all contribute to this unique loft.

I love that my stuff can alter expression from day to day. Then I also used my home much more

says Johanna, who is a fashion designer and has furnished the basement and the ground floor as her workroom and showroom.

The coffee table in the foreground is designed byJohanne from old wood and tiles from the Paris Metro.

The pictures are by Arie Mandelbaum and his son, Stephane Mandelbaum.

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