Wilkinson Residence Portland , Oregon – The Tree House

All children have or would like very much to have a tree house. They can spend a whole day staying there, hanging from the tree, with the head in the leaves, imagining they are little Tarzans or some other movie characters. But when you grow up you become more serious and forget all about this fun habit. I wonder why? Apparently some adventurous guys from Portland, Oregon, USA, had the courage to build their own tree house, a whole lot bigger than usual in the middle of a forest. They used only natural building materials like wood and stones, of course combined with some glass for the windows.

This house is actually a project belonging to Robert Harvey Oshatz and he wanted this to be representative for the steampunk current in architecture. Any way, the generous curves make the house mingle with the natural habitat there and the different rooms inside are connected through an ingenious system of wooden tunnels. I admit I am impressed by this tree house and I would love to live in it, there in the forest, “far from the madding crowd”, as I can see from the pictures they have all it takes to have a decent living.

Every detail of the building is carefully designed so as to be as natural as possible, but comfortable at the same time. No wonder it took the architect seven years to finish this project.

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