Loft in the YMCA

Lofts are usually colored with neutral tones, keeping stonework or concrete bare, or are whitewashed all around (like they need to look larger than they already are…) This one, however is different.

The aparment, a NYC-based agency was tasked with designing and building a flexible live/work loft with space over 8000 square feet to accommodate a continuous stream of happenings spanning arenas as varied as creative presentations and meetings, products launches, fashion shows, lectures and philanthropic events. They were given a large and quite run-down former YMCA gym to convert – and they have done so perfectly.

The obligatory 'before' picture so you can just see how much work the conversion had involved...

Every aspect of the apartment is stunning, from the vibrant colors to the detailed wallpaper and carpets. This impressive building even has an indoor garden and a 12 person theater.

In converting the oldest YMCA gym, all colors were completely revamped (well, at least where they could find any color at all), and a lot of restoration happened, but the building still contains some of the original features. The original girders are still in place, although restored and painted to match the contemporary style. Green rugs and pink furniture are mixed with the unpainted concrete floors. The rooms are a mix of vibrant chairs, covering a wooden floor painted with court lines. The whole building is a perfect collaboration of the original gym, mixed with a new contemporary feel.

The Apartment turned the lower level into apartment space, while they decided to keep the upper levels as a showcase of the agency’s work.

The kitchen looks big enough to have two dozen people in there. The dining table on the left was designed by the Apartment too.

Some serious cooking capacity, overlooking the vast space.

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