Recycled home

This beautiful house is designed by Chilean architects. It’s located in Curacavi, Chile. This Manifesto House is suitable construction firm Infisky. Even though this building is not totally prefabricated, this building is built using premade materials to allow for quick, eco-effective, and sustainable construction.

The cost to build this house is just 79,000€. This unique house is made of two 40-ft. and two 20-ft. repurposed shipping containers. There’re recycled wooden pallets cladding the home’s exterior. They make the house becomes beautiful and comfortable. They also provide the natural cooling via shade and ventilation.

This modern recycled house features spacious. The airy interior is separated from the outdoors by sliding floor-to-ceiling window. There’s also an outdoor entertaining area which is sheltered by a large awning. It offers an al fresco living space. This house has geothermal heat pumps in order to heat and cool the room.

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