Shabby Chic in Tribeca

Let me take you to New York, more exactly to Franklin Street in the Tribeca neighborhood. Among the numerous lofts you can find here, let’s discover one with some rustic and bohemian elements. I particularly like the exposed pipes (especially the one painted in red with big valve), wood floors, wooden poles and paint worn by time, the massive sliding door, the piano, and more generally the spirit prevailing in the loft.


The building was erected in 1882, and converted to 7 lofts (in 6 levels, so they are LARGE lofts) in 1992. This one is on the 2nd floor, 300 sq meters, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It’s kept for rent, but its current tenants are enjoying it since 2011, when it was last on the market. It goes for $25k a month…

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