Imposing San Francisco Loft

Designed and owned by well-known designer Steven Volpt, his home features 18′ windows that draw natural light in and allow the inhabitants to feel like they are living in a grand open space.

Industrial Modern in San Francisco

The striking Oriental Warehouse Loft by Edmonds + Lee Architects is a modern architectural residence in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. To maximize the space inside the residence, the designers chose to abandon the general rules of maintaining privacy with regard to windows and transparency. Instead, the home opens up to nature with large expanses of glass to blend the inside and outside world.

Market Street Ten

Joel Sanders was the architect selected by the owners of this penthouse to take the challenge posed by the design of this duplex unit. The trick was to take advantage of the best advantage of this corner unit – a dramatic view of downtown San Francisco that were compromised by discontinuous groupings of conventional double hung windows.