NYC Penthouse in a Water Tower

There’s no more familiar symbol of New York grit than the exposed rooftop water tank. In the chic stretches of the Upper East Side, though, the utilitarian tends to get dressed up, and prewar buildings typically have their tanks elegantly encased in towers that match the architecture below. This Penthouse in a Water Tower is such an example.

Loft in a Tower

This loft in a tower is one of London’s most unique and striking properties located on a quiet residential road less than 25 minutes drive from Marble Arch & the West End with one of its previous owners being Her Majesty The Queen.

The Tower in London (another one)

As industrial parts of cities are being transformed into living neighborhoods, there is a bright future for buildings that served as factories, warehouses. Just as it happened with a landmark Victorian-era water tower in central London.

Spitbank Fort

Set in the Solent, a historically important strait separating the Isle of Wight from the Great Britain mainland, Spitbank Fort is a Victorian sea fort built on a circular base 50m in diameter. Now it’s converted to a small hotel.

The Round Tower

The Round Tower is a listed medieval structure restored and turned into a residence located in Glouchestershire, England.

Lofty prospects

Adaptive reuse often has to make the best of a bad situation, taking ill-shaped structures into workable residences … but in this case, the form of this 100-foot-tall Belgian water tower turned out to be the perfect basis for a brilliant seven-story house.

Watch the clock

This one had been around the internets a few times already, but where if not here would you find one of the coolest lofts in NY. This striking triplex penthouse in a clock tower overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor has gone on the market for $25 million.

If only for the view…

Right in the historic heart of Budapest, Hungary lies this old building. The Anker Palace, as it’s called was originally the headquarters of Austrian insurers Der Anker. Built in 1910, it’s actually two buildings with a narrow street in between. This building houses an exceptional loft: it has the industrial look, the bare beams, even a tower.
But when you step outside, you find yourself not in an industrial area, but right in the middle of the city.