Minimalist Medieval

Remove yourself from the modern world with an escape to a medieval watchtower overlooking the Carpini valley in Umbria, Italy. Secluded valleys, breathtaking vistas and a 12th century building lovingly restored with a minimalist bent. Mighty stone and wood marry with steel and glass while luxurious but minimalist furnishings reflect an austere past but a hedonist present. Moravola.

Modern Castle

When we think of castles, the last adjective that comes to mind is ‘modern’, but that’s just what this castle is, modern.

Castle Turned Loft

Le loft de Nicolas & Mickael
J’ai découvert le loft de Nicolas & Mickael via leur participation au concours pour gagner le livre Lofts : Vivre et travailler à la suite de laquelle ils m’ont proposé de m’en dire plus s…