Zaragoza Apartment

One of A-cero latest works is the renovation of a duplex apartment located in Zaragoza. A-cero bets on white as the main color in the apartment in order to get the maximum light and spaciousness. Bright colors are only for decoration pieces like paintings.

Loft in Old Prague

Another great example that lofts can not only be found in the likes of New York. The project by D3A, a Czech interior design consultancy turned an industrial space on two levels to a home, cultivated by cleverly chosen color scheme, lighting and furniture.

The loft Baldwin and Isabella in Roubaix

Isabelle Baldwin and open the doors of their beautiful loft located in Roubaix in a former factory now converted into lofts: The Factory 118.The loft consists of a large living room which has 4.65 meters tall ceilings and three bedrooms, two are l…