Wing House

The project consists of several structures, each employing various parts of a Boeing 747-200 aircraft. Wing House is the main residence and uses both of the main wings as well as two stabilizers from the tail section in order to serve as a roof for the master bedroom.

Converted in NY

It would be real hard to imagine that someone living in the heart of a city as modern as New York can actually live in a green sanctuary that exudes both environmental values and eco-friendly design. But that’s exactly the pleasant surprise that you’ll find when you step into Dominique Camacho (owner of Sustainable NYC) and Gary Hirschkron’s home.

Incredible Residence

Johannesburg, South Africa is the beautiful setting for this amazing architectural masterpiece. Designed by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects, this 1,400 sqm residence in Eccleston Rd, Bryanston, stands tall on a sloped terrain, which was the reason for constructing a large basement as a base for the structure on the lower side of the building.

A Photographer’s Glass Cube Studio on Stony Lake

There are so many, many, ways to build a green home. This one, a clear glass cube, is a studio for a photographer. Designed by Toronto-based firm GH3, it sits atop his boathouse on a Canadian lake.
It is a live/work studio (the translucent part up…