Barcelona Industrial

What was originally a stable, bomb shelter, then printing shop is now a modern loft where industrial style and simple materials live together with a very modern concept of space and ecology.

The owner of this live-work loft ran into this neoclassical building while browsing the internet, looking for a flat. Built in 1930, in the Eixample district and it was love at first sight. The condition was dilapidated, with serious structural problems, pillars and wooden beams corroded, cracked walls, columns, dismounted, destroyed windows, patios covered with garbage. But after eight months of work, forty containers of debris and a total rehabilitation by Invest Pedralbes, it became the perfect place to live.

Distributed on two floors, the house is a large rectangular area with windows on both sides, containing courtyards with brick columns. The entrance leads to a large open space, preceded by an anteroom – a 100 m2 lounge – kitchen, dining room, office and various seating areas. The bottom floor is the bedroom area and bathroom. The remodel did restore the original structure, but also opened up additional skylights. All the flooring was removed and the walls were stripped to bricks. The windows were replaced with bare metal frames. To help with insulation, a double roof has been installed with an air chamber to have a optimal climate and ecology. Heating is provided with oil radiators and heated towel rails. The natural light is abundant and comes from windows, skylights and patios.

The interior design work of Pedralbes Invest Minim, has been done according to the wishes of the owners: use all the furniture in their former home, including valuable individual pieces as well as collections of different objects from all parts of the world. Don’t add anything or rule out anything. The place needed to be big, but also warm, comfortable and cozy.

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