Belgian loft

Here’s another fantastic loft – this time in Belgium (although the blog is in Polish). Even though the loft is quite large, it is full with many smart and space-saving design ideas that would translate to small spaces, too.

Good ideas for the kitchen: Back lit open kitchen shelving and a simple, single prep table keep the kitchen looking visually interesting yet clean, professional, uncluttered and far from “kitchen-y”, which is a bonus since it is completely open to the rest of the space, an issue that studio dwellers often deal with. Raising up the kitchen area just a step (and changing out the flooring) makes a very distinctive shift from dining room to cooking area without adding walls.

Good ideas for the bedroom: The bed sits behind a wall that doesn’t reach the ceiling, which functions as a privacy partition, but doesn’t interrupt the flow of the space. The built-in headboard provides shelving, lighting and another good storage area, in the two side table “boxes”. The floor to ceiling white drapes accentuate ceiling height, always a good thing, both in open lofts for playing up the drama and in small spaces for accentuating the vertical space, thus relieving the feeling of a confined area.

Good ideas for the bathroom: the glass partition is functional yet adds no bulk or visual clutter to the space, while the floor to ceiling mirror behind the sink and vanity expands and modernizes the space.

Good idea for storage: squeeze it in wherever you can! Bookshelves and boxed storage sit up above the living room, where the ceiling is dropped to a lower level. A series of up lights celebrate the good looking idea and the ingenuity rather than hiding it, as well as providing another source of illumination for the space.

Good idea for a sink area: The sinks are installed on a “floating” vanity, with clever towel racks installed underneath. The towel placement would be good in a small bathroom for several reasons – they are close at hand, they hide the plumbing pipes underneath and are not taking up wall space.


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