Family Home in Marbella

The Marbella house is a project by one of my favorite architects, Spanish A-cero. The property is placed on the outskirts of Puerto Banús, in one of the most famous and exclusive developments in the Sun Coast.

Purple Hill House

The designers of this house, Korean Iroje KHM Architects probably weren’t interested in creating a traditionally designed home, so they came up with this. The wild angles definitely give a grandiose appearance to the home, making it seem big, powerful and surely modern.

California Roll House

I want to live in a spaceship! While this house by designer Christopher Daniel of ViolentVolumes is not built (yet, I hope) it looks and feels great. Look at that door! That one itself makes me want to arrive five times a day!

Double-Height Penthouse

This double-height penthouse rises above the city of Shenzhen, China, drawing in natural light through a defining feature of the space – a two-floor interior space partly glazed and open to the idea of “living between the city and the nature”.

Bondi Beach Penthouse

A beautiful rooftop apartment rises on one of the streets of Sydney, Australia. Adding an interesting but subtle element to the building it stands on, the Bondi Penthouse overlooks Bondi Bay and beach and borrows its name.

Schein Loft

The 3200 s.f. Schein Loft is located on the eighth floor of the building, above the existing warehouse. The interior spaces are arranged as a series of overlapping zones rather than enclosed rooms.

Inhabitable? – an Ultramodern Loft

This project in Montreal by Jean-Maxime Labrecque certainly has a few unique twists, but what sets it apart from similar interiors is, in part, the fact that most photos show someone actually occupying the spaces.

Work in a Church

Now this is something great! I’ve seen many churches converted to a home, but this is the first that became an office – and what office!

Rooftop Apartment Remodel

This is a unique apartment offering great views and interesting, angular walls. It measures a total surface of 250 square meters, but got its full glory only thanks to a recent renovation, thanks to its new owners.

Penthouse from Space

If you go to Vienna, probably you will spot the penthouse inserted between traditional rooftops by Delugan Meissl in the city’s Wieden district. The penthouse is rooftop addition for the architects’ family, but it feels more like a spaceship that has landed on the roof and will move to a new destination as soon as it gets what it wants.