Kenneth Laurent House by Frank Lloyd Wright

The one-story house is one of Wright’s smaller homes and one of his favorites. It showcases a lovely ellipse shape and occupies an area of 2500 square meters. Featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the crib has flowing and gently curved spaces.

Live Work Loft

Canadian architects Wonder Inc. designed this chic live work loft where the owner – an artist – could let his creativity run wild. Inside, the minimalist interiors feature white walls and ceilings that bounce light around and light up every corner. Hanging on the clean bright walls, artwork catches the eye and creates an art-gallery atmosphere.

Elrod House

John Lautner’s Elrod House is literally one of THE most architecturally significant homes in all the world. This home was commissioned by designer Arthur Elrod in 1968 and has been featured in numerous books, magazines and museum exhibitions. It is the iconic home perched at the very tip of the Southridge enclave, easily viewable throughout Palm Springs. Organic shapes, monumental construction and world class design create an extraordinary experience of space that Lautner himself described as “timeless” architecture.

Mid-Century Modern Loft

If a mix of contemporary design and mid century-modern interiors is your thing, you will love this handsome loft by Poteet Architects. Rich and warm with a luxurious but comfortable atmosphere, this space is well laid out with wonderfully high ceilings.

Millard House

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my heroes. His houses are so characteristic but at the same time all different – no wonder that he is one of the giants of the 20th century architecture.
Millard House, also known as La Miniatura, is one of the four textile block houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was commissioned by rare book dealer Alice Millard, for whom Wright had already designed a home in Chicago in 1906.

Modern in Sao Paulo

A former caretaker’s home converted into a contemporary loft in Sao Paulo by architect Juan Pablo Rosenberg. A modern loft in a true mid-century modern building.

John Curran’s Tribeca loft

The previous home of John Curran and Kristen Frederickson, longtime Tribecans is a perfect statement about the area’s reinhabitation. The 80-foot-deep three-bedroom loft apartment was designed by New York’s Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects, with Joel Barkley taking the lead. It manages to celebrate the guts of the old neighborhood without any denial that there is much to enjoy about the new.

Dream Factory

Horror movie director Marcus Nispel moved his wife and two children into this renovated factory, a former Con Edison building. It’s too good to believe – I especially like the 20 foot high bookshelves that reach the ceilings, not to mention the modernist, flying-saucer-like pendant lights. There is even a pool on the bottom floor! Prepare to get jealous.

Revolving house in Italy

You might have seen rotating houses before, but this one predates them by decades. Built by Italian engineer Angelo Invernizzi, the house has an upper section that rests on a circular track and follows the sun. The 1,500 tons’ building is powered by two motors with a total of three horsepower.

White loft

When Swedish photographer Andreas Larsson went to the US. ten years ago to study photography in Miami, he did not exactly have any plans to settle on the West coast, but after graduation he was persuaded to move to Chicago and where he has been living ever since.