Modern Castle

When we think of castles, the last adjective that comes to mind is ‘modern’, but that’s just what this castle is, modern. Very. Construction of the Villa Diricks, located in Brussels, was completed in 1933. Its architect was Marcel Leborgne, “one of the founders of Modernism in Belgium”.

In a state of disrepair, it was purchased a few years ago by a developer and renovated.

The renovation took two years to complete as Cambron wanted to make this jewel of modernism once again habitable, fully fitted and decorated for a new owner.

Four bathrooms were added (there was only one bathroom in the original building!), as well as an indoor swimming pool and an elevator.

The 10,700 square-foot villa sits on a 5 acres lot, has 4,300 square feet of terrace and is for sale at the time of writing, for an undisclosed price…


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