Just make it bigger…

In this barn-turned loft there is apparently just one rule: Make it bigger! Giant fruits, large Gardeco, industrial lamps, oversized closets all found home in a slender and transparent, but monumental gray and black interior.

In this universe, the chaise longue “LC4 Pony” from Le Corbusier seems tiny next to the huge Anglepoise lamp from the 1970’s!

In the words of Candice de Saint Saveur, the owner:

I wanted it to be open and practical. When we left our apartment in Paris, a kitchen without walls was my dream! The playful side of the loft appeals to our kids, of course, but also visitors … I started to organize cooking classes and tasting by inviting renowned chefs and sommeliers. The table-turned-worktop, covered with gray tiles, is always a but messy, full with dishes out of the oven, to taste new recipes …

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