The Loft Amsterdam – exhibition in a loft

The Loft is a stunning Amsterdam apartment on the fifth floor of the building Cristofori on the Prinsengracht, where each object is meticulously aligned. From exclusive designer furniture and vintage accessories to the plants in their pots and even the books on the bedside table – everything is chosen with care and is also for sale.

With The Loft creates The Playing Circle one month a unique shopping experience in which every object is perfectly at her right.


Initiators Floris Koch and Kassandra Schreuder: ‘We want to create a feeling like someone actually lives in The Loft. Someone with a strong taste and a good sense of aesthetics – which, moreover, a busy social life cherishes.

The ‘resident’ The Loft organizes its habitat throughout the month meetings cozy living room concerts and movie nights, lectures on various subjects for his intimates. On 18 July the housewarming.


Playing for The Circle is a logical sequel to The Loft where they have for years been intensively involved; creating spaces where people feel at home, be inspired and their imaginations free reign. “Many people who come to our meetings or to organize a workshop, ask for our interiors. They are curious about our furniture and wonder where we get our accessories come from. ” In recent years, that kind of talk all kinds of interior design projects rolled for several companies; from corporates to advertising agencies and even some yoga studios. “It seemed like fun now one of our areas to focus on an experience where people can take a bit of inspiration to take home.”


All properties in The Loft are carefully curated. Kassandra Schreuder: ‘We have a passion for design that withstands the test of time, but there its traces can leave. That is also because we love natural materials – such as wood, leather, glass, steel, wool and ceramics.

Floris Koch: “We love designs that provoke curiosity. Products that you want to touch. Which you want to know the story. What kind of wood the author used and where does it come from? We also find it important that the ancient crafts of glass blowers, tanners, blacksmiths and weavers continue to exist and new life is breathed. ” The-Loft-14-850x566  The-Loft-12-850x566 The-Loft-11-850x566 The-Loft-10-850x566 The-Loft-09-850x1032 The-Loft-08-850x566 The-Loft-07-850x566 The-Loft-06-850x1275   The-Loft-03-850x566 The-Loft-02-850x1135

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