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Geometrix Studio, and its founder couple, Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroskhina are Moscow’s hottest interior designers – stylists. Their works make extensive use of high-end materials and accessories, like 3D wallpaper, sophisticated LED lighting and flashy features of architectural glass.

The couple has quite awesome works like the Fantasy Island interior that mimics the world of James Bond, or the interior of Russia’s most robably most expensive penthouse, on top of the Triumph Palace in Moscow.

This penthouse is full of strong lines and sharp angles so you cut yourself just by looking at them. Light halos, combined with black-on-white accents with these stark geometric forms shape interesting spaces.

Sure you might see a splash of blue light, or a hardwood floor here and there, but it all serves as contrast to the cool blacks, whites and marble grays that fill each room – even traditionally warm spaces like the master bathroom below.

In the home office, some – exceptional – curves again defy the angles and corners of the room while wall mounted shelves provide depth and visual interest.

The bedroom is barely spared either with brown hardwoods below the bed and pillows, sheets and blankets that thankfully are not forced to march as rigidly as their surroundings.

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