Ski Resort In Iran

I’ve been long planning a ski trip to Iran – yep, you thought too, that the whole Middle East is just desert, heh? Nope, Iran has quite tall mountains and I’m sure its slopes are great for skiing.

Today I’ve found an amazing resort in Shemshak, Iran to stay in. RYRA Studio created an unique ski resort working at the same time on the exterior and interior design.The architects were inspired by igloos, but instead of ice blocks they used topographic layers which are put on each other to create a domical shape. The Barin ski resort is a result of the merger between nature and architecture.


The architects had the snow-covered landscape and the fluid lines of the mountain in mind when designing this project. The interior has white, clean lines with a hint of color for style. The rooms also feature skylights that fill them with natural light.Furthermore it seems like this stunning retreat could be easily camouflaged by the snow.

Not only are the views breathtaking, but the ski resort is also an unique place to relax and discover a lot of new things and never get bored.

{pictures from Persia Photography Centre }

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