Warehouse in Melbourne

This great warehouse conversion in Leicester House a historic 1880’s building in Melbourne, Australia provides privacy and vast spaces. It features soaring warehouse ceilings, huge original arched timber windows, exposed red brick walls, imposing brick archways and high gloss timber floors. By day it is imposing and by night dramatic.

Water Tower House

Steel, concrete and glass form the basic material palette used by Zecc in this incredible contemporary home conversion – and these choices do help to transition from the aged rustic style of the preserved facade to the modern interior spaces.

Tattykeeran Church

A small Fermanagh church – which has been painstakingly restored as a family home – has to be one of the county’s more unusual houses. Tattykeeran church, Tempo – which is currently on the market – was bought as a derelict property in the mid nineties by Limavady couple, Jimmy and Mollie Armstrong, who didn’t embark on its conversion until about a decade later.

Stable conversion

It’s time to loosen up the definition of “loft” – a home does not necessarily need to be located in a city to have the elements of loft living, especially with conversions.

Industrial Loft in Dusseldorf

Architect Bruno Erpicum was trusted with designing a home from this old warehouse. It is now the home of a couple with a passion for architecture who were keen to make one of Düsseldorf’s rare ruins their own. The conversion was closely overseen by authorities, since this old factory in the city centre miraculously avoided damage during the many bombings of World War II.

Living in a fortress

Converting a Napoleonic defense tower built in 1808 into a 21st Century private residence is a demanding task, especially as the building is considered historic, and exterior modifications had to be minimal. Thanks to the determination of everyone involved Martello Tower Y won a RIBA Award for the Eastern Region in March of this year.