Dream Car Loft in LA

Holger Schubert lives in Los Angeles, California, and he loves dream cars. He loves them so much he designed a dream garage for his dream car.

Old and New in Italy

Look at this home! Modern blending with traditional. Opposing genres are unexpected and this tension really does it.

Living on a Barge

The possibility of a unique dream home with water as its nearest neighbor. Argo was built in 1909 to run on the canal until 1956 when she was converted. Many years later she was bought privately and after extensive renovations created a floating luxury apartment for both permanent living and recreational facilities.

Villa Arrighi

Who did not feel the need to escape the everyday, forget all the worries and spend some time in a dream place, far away, for few days at least? If it has happened to you and you want to arrive in a new location, here is the perfect solution: Villa Arrighi

White loft

When Swedish photographer Andreas Larsson went to the US. ten years ago to study photography in Miami, he did not exactly have any plans to settle on the West coast, but after graduation he was persuaded to move to Chicago and where he has been living ever since.

Dream Home: Odi et Amo

Today’s Dream Home comes to us from Averill of Odi et Amo who happens to be a fellow Houston blogger. She is super talented and has beautiful taste.
Suzanne Kasler My Entryway When Paloma asked me to blog about my “dream home,” I was initial…

Dream Home: Verdigris Vie

Our new “Dream Home” series seems to have already proven to be a big hit with all of you! Personally, I am really enjoying seeing how some of our favorite bloggers would put together their dream homes if money, time, and location were no object…

19th Century School House Turned Modern Marvel

It helps to have a few architect buddies in your list of friends, especially if you’re planning on turning a run-down, 19th century school house into your dream home.  Residents Richard Renaldi and Seth Boyd, both photographers from New Yor…