Villa Arrighi

Who did not feel the need to escape the everyday, forget all the worries and spend some time in a dream place, far away, for few days at least? If it has happened to you and you want to arrive in a new location, here is the perfect solution: Villa Arrighi, along the countryside, on the border with Tuscany, in the so-called “green heart of Italy”, where nothing seems to be spoiled by the passing of time.

When there, this place seems to be the only place on earth, being surrounded by hills, vineyards, oak and chestnut woods, an infinite pool and the building in itself seems to exist only to please its visitors and to make their staying as pleasant as possible. Villa Arrighi looks like a fortress which defies time;  its majestic look makes it the perfect place for a holiday, as you feel safe, you “breathe” beauty and you feel more at ease than you have ever felt before.


The interior seems to say the entire story of this place, but its present  modernity does not affect the feeling of safety previously offered. The modern paintings on the walls, the furniture pieces, the stairs, the library which makes you feel at home, the perfectly chosen decorative elements, everything around is an example of refined taste, of style and contributes to the general impression of having made the possible best choice and delay your departure.

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