The Woven Nest

This home for an actress and musician carefully slots between buildings and site-lines, and wraps built-in furniture into every available surface. Both plan and Planning constraints generated a complex series of intertwining spaces, enlivened by light and interconnectivity.

Fire Station Conversion

Keeping history alive while implementing modern architecture looks pretty easy once we take a look at this residence. The historical facade was kept intact but the interiors were designed to be a perfect fit in the urban scenery.

Big Concrete

One of my favourite architecture firms is called A-cero. The Spanish firm does not ever fail to impress with bold designs and equally cool interiors. They have done it again with a big concrete single-family house in Pozuelo de Alorcón, Spain. The concrete residence is a rather large house of 1,600 square meters, and is located on a 5,000 square meter plot. The combination of grey concrete and green vegetation gives you a feeling that it’s a bunker.

An antique dealer’s loft

Arantza is a Spanish antique dealer. Her house is white yet colorful, fresh and vibrant, and very personal : artwork, books and vintage pieces are gloriously celebrated in her Bilbao loft. Magique!

Modern Architecture Done Right

We think it’s really hard to do modern decor. You can’t really hide anything. Everything has to be just so – the right color scheme, the right lines, the right spacing…Here is a sample of some beautiful modern decor from the real estate …

Something entirely different

And now for something entirely different.. Not a loft for sure, but it’s 200% awesome! Capital Hill Residence, designed by famed architect Zaha Hadid brings luxury to the slopes of Barvikha, Russia.

This private villa is situated on the north-face hillside of Barvikha, a luxury village west of Moscow. The area is dotted with luxury dachas and covered by rich vegetation of pine and birch trees that typically grow up to 20m high.

Broome Street Loft

This architecture firm is expert at maximizing urban spaces; case in point, this Broome Street loft project. They have painted the interior a uniform shade of bright white, leaving pipes and electricals exposed, and tucked a small kitchen in the oft-unused space under the stairs.

Chicken Point Cabin in Idaho

The idea behind the Chicken Point Cabin was to create a little box with a big window that opens and integrates with its surroundings, taken advantage of the landscape. The cabin’s big window-wall (30 feet by 20 feet) opens the entire living space to the forest and lake.

Lake Austin Residence

Austin,Texas is a beautiful place with many lakes which gives a perfect look to the city and the houses on the sides. The Lake|Flato is the company behind the Austin Residence, which was designed on the sides of the lakes and canals just to give a …

Abandoned Pumping Station Made Home

Abandoned Pumping Station ~ Made HomeLive, as practice shows, it is possible everywhere. Another question is how to live. Man will always try to change the world around so that it is the most convenient. Therefore, whatever the external conditions,…