Abandoned Pumping Station Made Home

Live, as practice shows, it is possible everywhere. Another question is how to live. Man will always try to change the world around so that it is the most convenient. Therefore, whatever the external conditions, people are always able to make them acceptable for life.

As an example, an abandoned pumping station in the Berlin district Neykeln, was turned into a spacious modernized house. Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset bought the old pumping station several years ago and turned it into quite decent, if not luxury house. True, it cost them in a round sum. On the restructuring of the building in a residential house, they spent about 700 000 U.S. dollars.

First, they demolished almost all the internal walls in the building. Turned out that is one huge two-story building with a single living space (the second floor is made in the form of balconies, surrounding a house on the inside). Hidden from public viewing except bathrooms and toilets, as well as the master bedroom.

In general in the same house is situated a living room, and kitchen and dining room, space for guests and entertainment zone and art studio of Michael and Ingar. The colors which prevail here are, of course, black and white.

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