Family House by Ricardo Bofill

There are houses that impress through size and greatness, others through shape and beauty and others through simplicity and elegance or modernity and charm. This summer house, located in Girona, the northeast of Catalonia, Spain is impressive through its greatness, shape and design at the same time.

Concrete Dream

Ricardo Bofill is a Spanish Architect who was born in Barcelona and studied at the School of Architecture in Geneva, Switzerland. Son of an architect, Ricardo worked with his father until 1963, when he founded ‘Taller de Arquitectura’, a multi-disciplinary studio, which included other environmental and design professionals as well as architects, engineers, sociologists and philosophers. Continue Reading →

White Penthouse by Hector Ruiz Velazquez

The Ruis-Maasburg Penthouse is a space that could not have been completed under any other circumstances. Spanish architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez was given the task to turn this 650 sq.ft. attic into a livable apartment- a rather formi…