Family House by Ricardo Bofill

There are houses that impress through size and greatness, others through shape and beauty and others through simplicity and elegance or modernity and charm. This summer house, located in Girona, the northeast of Catalonia, Spain is impressive through its greatness, shape and design at the same time.

If we consider the fact that the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill designed it, there is no surprise that it suggests safety and power. After all, he is the one who lives in a grand loft converted from a cement factory. Completed in 1975, the residence was built on a rectangular platform, around the ruins of an old farmhouse, being surrounded by a landscape of hills and woods.

One of the most interesting aspects is the way the ruins were incorporated into the volumes of the house. There are several pavilions built around a central exterior space, the pool and the main dining room; the high walls that give that impression of comfort protect the corners of relaxation.

The five independent modules are dark brown on the exterior and red ceramic on the interior.  Once you see the residence that looks like a fortress, you also see a rich environment, a large and beautiful yard,  protected by the stone pillars that surround it. Not only the outside is impressive through beauty and strength, the inside is the best example of an open place with warm colors, where you can enjoy time with your friends and family. The rooms are so wide, that you have the impression of being in a palace and everything around is at your disposal, as in a dream.

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