Unique Loft Design in New York

Designed by architect Michael Haverland this unique loft interior design in New York incorporates all the right ingredients for a modern, yet comfortable industrial style.

Modern Loft in Stockholm

This surely looks like a home to a family who does not compromise on any amenity / luxury ! This place is splendid – what with 15 foot tall ceilings and romantic fireplaces – it looks like its come right off a romantic movie. The setting is just stunning. It overlooks scenic snow covered grounds – huge wide , white spaces which you can just watch for hours while sipping coffee.

The loft Baldwin and Isabella in Roubaix

Isabelle Baldwin and open the doors of their beautiful loft located in Roubaix in a former factory now converted into lofts: The Factory 118.The loft consists of a large living room which has 4.65 meters tall ceilings and three bedrooms, two are l…