Church Conversion in Fitzroy

Vast living spaces, soaring ceilings set this magnificent Fitzroy, Australia residence in a class of its own. The handsome bluestone building was built as The Bible Christian Church in 1860.

Chapel Loft in Bazel

It’s Sunday, so time for another church conversion (my favourites, large windows, space, what else you need?) This chapel situated in the quaint Flemish village of Bazel (not the Swiss one) has been reconverted into 2 loft-type houses. The building was built in the second half of the 19th century by Countess Villain XIIII next to the castle of Wissekerke as a place where the children of the village are be educated.

Work in a Church

Now this is something great! I’ve seen many churches converted to a home, but this is the first that became an office – and what office!

The Sanctuary

The “First Church of Christ, Scientist” is a historic landmark in Seattle. That makes the 12 town-home units truly unique, carved, into the hollow center of the old domed building. The units share a central atrium, the “Sanctuary” with a stained-glass oculus in the roof, but each has its own address and outdoor entrance.

Church Loft in Chicago

Church conversions have everything a loft should have: soaring ceilings, grand open spaces, exposed brick, and more: intricate ornaments and oh, those stained glass windows. This unit in Chicago has them all.

Methodist Chapel conversion

This chapel remodel is amazing: a minimalist conversion of a stunning stone-built Grade II-listed former Methodist chapel (1868) in peaceful countryside on the Dorset / Wiltshire border. A once austere religious place is now a beautiful house to worship. Designed by Gary Tarn and for sale through The Modern House Real Estate Agents here, for a sum of £1,780,000 (about 2,75 million in USD)…

House in a Church

Along the river De Rotte in Rotterdam, the Netherlands there is a wooden church from 1930. The church was decommissioned and was being used as a garage for a long time. Up until a family came along and wanted to make it their home.

Bonney Avenue Church

Another day, another terrific church conversion in sunny Australia. This time, the building has quite a colorful history: first a church then a theatre, a slice of Brisbane’s heritage has been saved from demolition and transformed into two striking luxury homes.

Church in Adelaide

Here’s another spectacular church conversion, this time in Adelaide, Australia. Established in the 1850s in honor of Rev. James Bickford, it was converted and renovated to the highest standards in 2011.

Mill Hill

Baker Kavanagh Architects transform a heritage church in Bondi into two luxury apartments, fusing contemporary finishes with heritage details.
Mill Hill is a landmark heritage church, located in Bondi, New South Wales. The church has been converted into two luxury apartments, which blend elegant and crisp interiors with the heritage exterior and streetscape of the original brick building.