Chapel Loft in Bazel

It’s Sunday, so time for another church conversion (my favourites, large windows, space, what else you need?)

This chapel-loft situated in the quaint Flemish village of Bazel has been reconverted into 2 loft-type houses. The building was built in the second half of the 19th century by Countess Villain XIIII next to the castle of Wissekerke as a place where the children of the village could be educated.

The building later became derelict was sold and renovated into a residence. On the ground floor, you can find our offices, with windows overlooking the back garden. In the entrance hall, you still experience the grandeur of the architecture. The owners have kept the space quite open here, which makes the originally monumental and religious character of the building still tangible. The façade and especially the windows are so monumental that the rest of the architecture is logically subordinate to both this image and to the convenience of daily life.

Have a look at the loft of Antoon, Natascha and their two children


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