If only for the view…

Right in the historic heart of Budapest, Hungary lies this old building. The Anker Palace, as it’s called was originally the headquarters of Austrian insurers Der Anker. Built in 1910,  it’s actually two buildings with a narrow street in between. The building originally features wide variety of yellow ceramic ornaments, made especially for this and a huge black granite gate.

The building was last renovated in the ’60s, and honestly, it shows. Full renovation would cost upwards of 3 million dollars, but these days its close surroundings are being completely remodeled, so there is hope.

Which is even better for the owners of this exceptional loft: it has the industrial look, the  bare beams, but when you step outside the building, you find yourself not in an industrial area, but in the middle of the city.

What makes it even more interesting is the tower. (yes, the apartment is in one of the big towers at the top!).

The view of the tower when you look up from the living room.

In a tower, you’ll see quite a lot of stairs.

It would have been difficult – and not too elegant either – to stack a wardrobe against the wall, so the owners opted for a freestanding one, also serving as a headboard on the other side.

The entire apartment is a single space, divided by sliding doors.

The licing room, in the middle of the tower is the heart of the house.

The circular layout warrants a similarly bold kitchen setup: the kitchen is also a one-off piece, created just for this space.

And of course, if nothing else matters, the view certainly does.

Oh, actually it’s currently available for rent, too.

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