Insane Vancouver Loft in the Mecca

In the heart of Mount Pleasant’s brewery district, just a short walk away from a variety of restaurants and breweries, you’ll find the Mecca. This double-height, Insane Vancouver Loft is most probably the largest unit in the building.


Originally constructed in 1995 as an artist work/live studio building, the Mecca has been home to tons of painters, musicians and sculptors. One of the owners recently confirmed that Sarah McLachlan was one of the original owners.


This modern double height loft apartment designed by Victoreric, known for their elegant and timeless designs. Take a look, this is a fine example of what everyone thinks when you say ‘loft’

insane vancouver loft insane-vancouver-loft-12 insane-vancouver-loft-11 insane-vancouver-loft-10 insane-vancouver-loft-9 insane-vancouver-loft-7 insane-vancouver-loft-6 insane-vancouver-loft-5 insane-vancouver-loft-4 Print insane-vancouver-loft-2

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