Inhabitable? – an Ultramodern Loft

This project in Montreal by Jean-Maxime Labrecque certainly has a few unique twists, but what sets it apart from similar interiors is, in part, the fact that most photos show someone actually occupying the spaces.

Wright House – old and new

Wright House was designed by Elmo Swart Architects and is located in Durban, South Africa. The project involved an addition to a three bedroom traditional cottage which included two studies, a new bedroom, an entertainment space and an art gallery.

Young Family Residence

The Frame house, designed by Marc Boutin is situated in the lovely British Columbia, In Canada. The lovely house is set in a natural landscape which is ideal for a family of five. Most of the design strategy includes using of solar power to stick by its natural / minimalistic theme.

Wynkoop Loft

This great-looking loft in Denver, Colorado was designed to reflect the owner’s passion for automobiles. The designer who handled this design is Beaton Design. The challenge was to create a comfortable space that would reflect a strong passion for exotic automobiles in its lines, form and detailing.

Barney Living

The restoration of an early twentieth-century barn in Val Tidone, Italy led to this characteristic project combining traditional and contemporary architecture. A typical farmhouse has been transformed into a holiday home without radically altering its original form.

Refinement and Comfort in a Beautiful Home Overlooking Lake Austin

The Peninsula Residence was designed by Bercy Chen Studio and has a privileged location that allows beautiful vies of Lake Austin, Texas. You are looking at a makeover of an 1980’s home which initially did not take advantage of the positive featu…