Small Loft

When you think about a loft, you imagine grand places and hundreds of square meters.. This loft is different – it’s much smaller, but that does not take away its grandeur.

Police Gymnasium Loft

Located in the coveted Police Building, in New York’s Little Italy, within the walls of the former gym, this architecturally unique condominium thus features soaring ceilings and many large skylights, making for a light and airy feel.

Inverse triplex

The classic New York minimalist loft was considered too constraining and inflexible. The space is divided into a series of “stripes” to accommodate different functions into a promenade of experiences.

John Curran’s Tribeca loft

The previous home of John Curran and Kristen Frederickson, longtime Tribecans is a perfect statement about the area’s reinhabitation. The 80-foot-deep three-bedroom loft apartment was designed by New York’s Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects, with Joel Barkley taking the lead. It manages to celebrate the guts of the old neighborhood without any denial that there is much to enjoy about the new.

Loft over the rooftops

When Australian designer Martin Grant moved to a new loft apartment in Paris, he had wanted to create a private oasis on the top of the city with a blend of vintage design and modern art.

A loft in an old church in Sydney

A loft in an old church in SydneyIt’s divine!This church located in the suburbs of Sydney was built in 1898. In 2003 it is a radical change that took place for the building since it was sold and converted into a loft consists of four bedrooms and…