Capps Loft – Industrial in White

Designed for a young executive whose love of contemporary art and minimal environments led the architects to create this light filled space. The existing envelope of this richly textured warehouse space was painted “gallery” white from floor to ceiling.

Lofty prospects

Adaptive reuse often has to make the best of a bad situation, taking ill-shaped structures into workable residences … but in this case, the form of this 100-foot-tall Belgian water tower turned out to be the perfect basis for a brilliant seven-story house.

Castle on the Park

They call it a castle on the park but actually ait was a church. Today’s home is a Gothic Revival building overlooking Dolores Park in San Francisco. It started off as a church back in 1909 and is now renovated into a three-bedroom home with plenty of stained glass and open spaces including the main hall on the ground floor.